In-Home Water Maintenance Training

Having trouble maintaining crystal clear hot tub water? Feel like your maintenance routine is a bigger hassle than it should be? Consider signing up for our most popular and valuable service. Whether you are a current customer of Wayzata Bay or not, we offer this service  to any hot tub user in the Twin Cities metro area. Let us show you how to save time and money. Contact Us

The chemical program that Eric has implemented for my spa is much simpler to follow, has resulted in my hot tub being clearer with much less foam, and has increased the longevity of my water between drain and refill. I would also recommend that Wayzata Bay Pool & Spa perform the drain and refill of your hot tub, as they inspect your unit, use equipment to clear out the jets and lines and overall do a very thorough job to help insure that your spa is properly ready for the new water.”
~ Ron B.Eagan, MN

Weekly Spa Maintenance (rates vary… typically $70 per visit)

An “every other week” visit will suffice for most of our customers. We use our own chemicals to treat your spa, saving you money and the need to safely store chemicals at your home. Our weekly service covers all of your maintenance needs:

  • Adding Water
  • Cleaning and rotating filters
  • Vacuuming out any settled debris
  • Skimming debris from the water surface
  • Cleaning the cover
  • Checking jets, diverters, controls, pumps, ozone, and other components of the spa

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Purified, chemically balanced pool and spa water delivered to you! We also provide pool/spa drain, clean and refill services.